Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The horror

No. of minutes unable to log into SL: 30 (v.v.bad); No. of people who nevertheless show up for discussion: 4 (good)

Last week (before dashing to RL conference) had scheduled discussion in SL about the possible uses of the Infolit iSchool island, with me leading it. As usual prepared notecards, arranged seating and so forth, then logged out and rebooted computer to avoid crashing later on.

V. big mistake. Turns out that LL have problem with logging in so spend 30 minutes staring repeatedly at screen (see pic) which warns that Second Life may appear Frozen YES IT WAS FROZEN I COULDN'T GET IN. As hour of discussion approaches feel increasing panic but when has passed time by 10 mins find that strange calm descends, though still have urge to beat forehead against PC screen. Only consolation is that others have same problem, since obviously would be v. bad for hoards of people clamouring for discussion to be assembled in Regent Plaza wondering where I am.

When eventually get in, find no-one there, which could mean anything, really. People gradually arrive and in end there are 5 of us plus anotther person who flits in and out as happens in SL as flitting is so much easier.

Have discussion which is logged at http://sleeds.org/chatlog/?c=176 Seems that idea of conference is popular, only question being - what on? Lorelle also promises to propose solution to the Notecard Overload which am starting to suffer from in the Centre. She later drops notecard with ideas on SL ebooks, which is useful and will have to ponder.

Person naked but for boots and hat walks in whilst meeting draws to close. As we are all v. polite librarians, Brits etc. do not draw attention to this and indeed, when do gently indicate that clothes might be the done thing, said person is mortified having thought that clothes were Worn. Is moral there always to check that clothing is on body before leaving house.

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