Monday, 5 November 2007

Clearing up

Vehicles abandoned: 4 (bad); Bottles of Jack Daniels abandoned: 1 (bad)

Island no longer my own as now populated by students in addition to odd colleague or two. This is v. good, but does mean that certain amount of clearing up to do. Had put vehicles in freebie pack for students which seemed to go down well, but is no v. good surface for bike trails on island so inevitably riders end up tangled in water garden or at bottom of river.

This illistrated by various sad pics in this entry. As am now all-powerful Island Owner could in fact delete all items belonging to others with one scornful click of the mouse. However take lesser route of Returning items to people's Lost and Found inventories. After months of having assorted cats, antelopes etc. returned to mine, is quite satisfying to be returning stuff to someone else's.

Also stumble across abandoned Jack Daniels bottle. Had installed Jack Daniels vendor near student residences but without tasting more than one drink. Now emerges that after a few sips, Daniels animation takes avatar over and slumps him on ground in stupor. Do have pic illustrating this but will withold to spare embarrassment, mainly mine in having supplied vendor in first place.

Should I remove it? Think not, in that stupor-effect could be seen as moral warning against perils of drink.

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