Monday, 5 November 2007


Fireworks parties attended: 1 (good) Attempts to explain Guy Fawkes to foreigners: several (bad)

Attended jolly fireworks party on Info International organised by Pam Ribble to celebrate November 5th.

This of course is traditional time in Britain to incinerate guys, let off rockets, burn fingers on poorly cooked sausages, wait for 3 hours in casualty with cinder in eye etc.

SL Fireworks followed usual pattern:
1) Turn light to Midnight
2) Observe lights swooshing around in impressive fashion
3) Find self unable to move and crash out
4) Log back in and enjoy further colourful swooshings
5) Congratulate organiser
6) Spend hours in Photoshop selecting and tweaking photographs

but with additonal feature, namely

4a) Attempt to explain Bonfire Night concisely whilst avoiding insulting people of various faiths and in awareness of fact that cannot remember when Guy Fawkes actually made explosion attempt, so hurrah for Wikipedia.

Am determined to have firework display on Island at some point, so will note down here that firework makers are Allen Park, Sweet Surface and Cubeos.

Whilst SL fireworks were going on, so were RL ones outside so had pleasing RL/SL synergy. Only remembered afterwards that had brought own SL sparkler to add to fun but perhaps this would have been last straw to bring down entire sim.

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