Tuesday, 20 November 2007


No. of skating poseball pairs bought: 2 (good); No. of skating poseball pairs disappeared without trace: 1 (bad); No of fairytale skating wonderlands created: 1 (good); No. of hours spent creating same: erm ... mumble (bad)

Scarcely had last pumpkin been deleted and last witch broom been packed into the Halloween folder than SL is filled with revolving Christmas trees and malformed luminous snowmen. Was sim-hopping for possibly sensible reason that now can't remember when was swept away on wave of wintertide sparkle and in particular discovered joys of skating. You go round and round! and round! and that's about it but somehow satisfying.

Had already been building up stock of fairylights as these are things which every prudent island owner should have in inventory for use in impromtu celebration. Had also picked up snowglobes and slightly bizarre santa-bears and santa-cats for amusing Christmas gifts. However was now inspired to shop around for snowflake emitters, skates and snow textures.

Also saw complete weather system which allows build up of snow on ground when switched on, as well as cloud effects etc. Interesting but L$1500 so will consider further before purchase. Of course can change texture of ground on island at click of mouse and think will have mountaintops snowy at least for a while.

Decided must have skating rink. Could purchase complete rink for price of weather system but look rather utilitarian. Instead can purchase skating pose balls, still not cheap, but so cute! Played around with icesheets in Build area on island (was at this point that first set of poseballs disappeared, together with first set of snow textures though latter only cost L$10) SL seemed to be having bad day since twice had found self zipping of into ether without being able to stop and had to crash out.

In end realised that conference platform ideal setting for rink as platform already looks like ice. Had had cypress trees lying round in inventory for some time, as whenever had brought them out they made landscape look v. mournful so immediately put them back, but decorated with strings of lights they are just the thing. Also placed snow emitter strategically over platform, dashed to Divivity to buy some festive foods, adapted the Basic Chair as supplied to all avatars including stretching chair legs to make base for festive table. Eh voila. Still needs some extra titivating but think can already advertise as island feature.

The pics show my skating rink plus at the bottom a rather spooky Christmas display encountered on travels.

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