Monday, 10 December 2007

Mitsy, Squirrel, Cockatoo: 3 kinds of animal noise

Cats moved to new office: 1 (v. good); Squirrels moved to snowy forum: 1 (cute); Shop displays mounted: 1 (v. good); Cockatoos purchased for new shop display: 1 (noisy)

Regular readers of this blog may have been asking "Where is Mitsy? Has she gone to join her spooky dismembered clones in the sea?" (see previous post)

In fact Mitsy has been safe in Inventory ("Animals" folder). Was bit hesitant to introduce her to new home, as cats well known for disliking change. However, when introduced her to office in Sakura House she settled in straight away, pacing, mewling and pushing people around as per normal.

In fact Mitsy seem to prefer new home since even with Set Cat Range Very Small, this was not small enough for Eduserv office, thus her frequent plunges out of the side of the office to a watery doom.

Can see in these pics that looks v. content, making herself at home on her Mitsy Mat and on Dimitrova's skirt (no errant cat hairs in SL). Am looking forward to next meeting in lower room enlivened by her friendly howls from upstairs (note to self: may have to explain this, do not wish visiting educators to think Unmentionable Activities going on).

Elsewhere on the animals front, have moved squirrel from under oak tree to snowy forum where is disporting itself under Frosty Willow (XL) on Crunchy Snow. Since squirrel miraculously generates own acorns does not seem cruel. As can be seen here is perky enough and merry chirping may be welcome distraction if meetings in Snowy Forum prove dull.

Also put in new exhibition in shop, featuring RL Australian pics. Have put in pic which is all blue sky plus 2 v. small cormorants as background on 3 walls, water on floor, plus driftwood, deckchair, tropical-type tree, pina colada and sulphur crested cockatoo.
Put up some Aussie photos for sale, with no great hopes of income. In fact have RL pic of RL sulphur cockatoo in Sydney botanic gardens, so should put that up sometime, thus further confirming RL globetrotting credentials. This however is SL cockatoo. Makes almighty squwawk noise which unable to Modify out, am afraid neighbours may complain.

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