Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Meetings happening

RL presentations given about SL: 2 (good); People accusing me of being creepy: zero (v. good); Questions asked about point of SL: 1 (no problem)

About 10 days ago gave talk at Strathclyde University on inquiry based learning (IBL) and SL, and today gave talk more centrally about SL but also a bit of IBL since talk was for CILASS IBL cafe. At first one had a student rep, some lecturers, educational developers & technologists etc. and today had 2 student reps plus same sort of mix except fewer of them. However lecturers included my own Head of Dept who is always worth several of other lecturers for obvious reasons.

Have uploaded talks to slideshare here and here. At first presentation one person asked what was point of doing anything at all in SL, but felt had answer to this, which will not bore you with since feel it is unlikely that someone who thinks SL pointless will be reading this blog. At least no-one said SL creepy. Person from our computer centre was at 2nd talk and unfortunately still looks like access to SL on students' computers is distant dream although possibility they may go the lending laptop route. Is all very well but does not take account of need for simultaneous computer access in labs for induction or other exercises. Hey ho.

Maggie Kohime was there in RL to talk a little about her perceptions and Ishbel in SL, where we got eventually (see first pic with Pancake and Violette as well as me and Ishbel) since as usual ppt bit took a little longer than intended. Looks like there is interest from our Institute for Lifelong Learning which is nice. 2nd pic is random cute photo of campfire site under snow.

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