Saturday, 8 December 2007


Hair bought: 6 (good)

Decided to branch out a bit as regards hair. Started with the Magika hairs (one called Poofy and one called - something less memorable) which observant readers may have noticed in previous pics. Poofy is actually quite suave and features hair Up. Goes with boho floaty type gear. The other one has a long ponytail and a sort of comb thingy protruding from head and was wearing it when being interviewed by Madrilena.
New hair as follows:
1) Purple version of normal hair (Ryuuzaki). Must say that really like this style, and so nice to have alternative to go with purple outfits. Looks much the same as normal hair so have not pictured that.
2) and 3) Purple and blue versions of Mika hair by same designer (Kin) - sort of long, flowing and lumpy. Gives rather foxy look to face. Rather liked this to start with but has been overtaken by Undine hair (see below) which is more flattering + you get oodles of colours in the one pack and more hair, basically. This hair is in first pic., with me sitting on edge of fairy teacup, evidently plotting to poison someone with fairy tea.
4) and 5) Aiko and Miaka from Inspired. These are anime hair. Obviously tried demos and thought was going to like Aiko, but frankly just TOO anime. Maiko is better in that looks cute IMHO rather than pervy. Nevertheless, a couple of nights ago when had got on skating outfit with Miaka hair decided in end that was TOO cute. Have pictured it here in cutie overload with Hello Kitty doll.

6) Undine hair from MAU's & MEJ's,. This was bargain as in one pack get several colours inc. purple, blue and green. Dread to think how many prims must be in it, but v. pretty and swooshes around as walk.
Have worn blue version Out a couple of times and green (shown in pic) and purple. Also have also played Ophelia floating in hot tub (see last pic). All v. picturesque and even more pre-raphaelite/gypsy, so am keeping this well to fore in inventory for when want to go Long in SL.

Not sure if have mentioned before that in RL have v. straight long hair (brown, with white patches) which do not dye or curl or do anything to except have it trimmed a few inches now and then. Have not even been tempted to experiment in RL as if didn't like it would take about 4 years to grow back in normal colour and actually rather like it how it is. In fact nightmare is having hairdresser slicing too much off so only go to cheap hairdressers unlikely to get grandious restyling notions.

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