Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Meetings not happening

Meetings scheduled in SL: 2 (good); Meetings taking place in SL: approx 0.6 (bad)

Should currently be doing tidying up activities (updating notecard, preparing chat for upload, sweeping up toast etc) after successful discussion led by Ishbel "Impressions of the London Online exhibition/conference". However as any devoted SL resident will know, SL grid only notable by absence this afternoon and evening (UK time).

Was usual sorry tale of "will be up in an hour" "grid is now online!" "oops gosh it fell over" "we'll be up in an hour" "um, make that 3 hours". Meanwhile screen as pictured here told sad tale of zero avatars inworld.

For some time looked like grid would come back up at noon SL time ie official discussion start time - but then was postponed 2 hours so Ishbel and I (via email, thanks heavens for old technology) decided to postpone talk too, to Monday.

Had omitted to mention that between successful discussion on SL interviewing and this discussion had been social event scheduled on the skating rink. In a nutshell was bit of a mistake, think need to employ social secretary as am good enough at organising festivities (extra skating animations, Gluhwein etc.) but not good at publicising event in sparky manner. Was grateful therefore to Adelaide and Jocelyn who graciously stayed for while and tried out spins, couple skating etc.

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