Monday, 10 December 2007

Meeting, toast

Meetings organised in SL: 1 (good); Experiences of toast throwing: 1 (good)

Am holding another discussion tomorrow so must hurry up and write about last one, held nearly 2 weeks ago. Was on interviewing for research in SL. Am particularly interested because students are doing research interviews in SL and so have been thinking about differences between RL f2f interviews, SL interviews, other online interviews. The transcript for the meeting is at Will aim to do entry about this on the IBL blog.

Fairly small group but interesting discussion, with more questions than answers, but I picked up a few tips and also led to suggestion for next research-focused discussion (on sampling). Crashed out half way through and when logged back in people were discussing what people do when someone crashes out i.e. that just take it as normal, except when suspect that person hasn't REALLY crashed out but it using that as convenient excuse.

At end of meeting one participant asked would liketo have toast thrown at me. Not invitation I get every day, so agreed readily. Had to Edit Land, to turn on scripts and object entry for all residents. However was worth it when gratifying flurry of toast flew through air. A dodgy moment when wondered whether would have to clear up toast from floor, but in fact it was self-clearing toast which disappeared magically. If only messy food in RL acted like that.

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