Monday, 18 June 2007

Two chairs and a water feature

Chairs purchased: 2 (good and bad); Water feature purchased: 1 (good); Groups joined: 1 (good); Ducks animated: 0 (bad)

Receive IM "PhilThePhoenix Philbin: (Saved Mon Jun 18 05:56:42 2007) hello", presumably in response to my IM responding to his. However this is somewhat enigmatic response, leaving many vital questions unanswered.

Examine Phil's SL profile, which reveal that he has no Picks, Interests or 1st Life, nor does he belong to any groups or have a Partner. Not promising in social gaiety dept. Was born on 19 Feb 2007, thus presumably counts as Older Avatar (I was born last month). Could be maniac masquerading as friendly Phil the Phoenix, though as born in Feb at least can't be created specifically to exploit documented attachment to virtual wearable Phil. Decide that IM best unanswered.

MK has agreed to become my Friend. What is more she has joined the Information Literacy Group, bringing total to 6 people. Hurrah! Small, but select. Think Group will probably expand if publicise it better, but will leave that til after RL trip coming up.

Other news is that have accepted invitation to join Eduserv Office Owners Group. This currently an even more exclusive Group, since the only members are AF (owner) and self. It says "Membership of this group enables building anywhere with the Office Space area. However, please limit your building to your chosen office. PLease also limit yourself to 150 prims per office." Keeping to 150 prims currently no problem in that have not yet learnt Creation. On other hand, if (e.g.) buy cat for office, how will I know how many prims it consists of???

Go in search of cat. Search for cats problematic as many SL groups etc. for furry avatars in search of exotic activities with like minded people, ahem, rather than people wanting honest reproductions of felines that move round a bit and purr. End up with water feature and problematic duck. Install water feature on roof of new office (see first pic). Have always had soft spot for water features. Feature includes one duck (immobile but quacking). Also buy extra duck (only $10 linden!) but it remains balanced on beak in vertical position and am unable to follow instructions to get it in more convincing pose.

Get inspired to do more shopping. See second pic for further reject potential pets. Furniture shops in SL prove as dull as in RL & as in RL furniture mostly hideous and overpriced. However can try out furniture, even walk on it, without assistants rushing up and asking to assist. Find reasonably OK goods and try out all chairs (see 3rd pic) and buy 2 "conference chairs" with inbuilt animation. Cool.
Tranport to office and place chairs. 4th pic illustrates problem i.e. both chairs face in same direction and if possible to turn chair round don't know how. If had more of them could play buses or trains. In end give up and put them side by side.

Phil the Phoenix and I are agreed: That purple wall has got to go.

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Anonymous said...

Please do let me know if you find any decent pet cats! Saw someone with a penguin the other day, but who wants a penguin waddling around after them!?

Great meeting you!


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