Friday, 22 June 2007


Trips into SL: 0 (bad); Photos uploaded to flickr: 0 (bad)

Currently in Scotland giving talks etc. in RL, all very well but reduced to blogging in internet cafes where cannot even upload stuff from memory stick let alone venture in SL. V. frustrating. Bit like early days of internet before internet cafes widespread and few people had networked desktops. Now problem is in fact that hotels assume everyone has wifi enabled laptop which for me is not case. Thus stuck in basic internet cafe with loud music not of personal choice. Colleagues here also not SL-enabled and indeed give one strange looks for asking. Oh well. Perhaps will be opportunity at conference next week. Hope Phil the Phoenix is managing without me. Meanwhile Friend IH is attending wedding tomorrow which sounds v. exciting. Perhaps can link to her pics to make up for lack of activity here.

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