Friday, 15 June 2007

A social evening

IM received from Phil the Pheonix: 1 (bit spooky); Updates to SL: 1 (yet another! version 1.17.0 (12)); Offices chosen: 1 (good); Encounters with Friends: 2 (good)

Receive message "My name is PhilThePhoenix Philbin. I was reading your blog and thought you might like to meet the full size version of Phil." I reply " hi Phil, how would I do that?". Fortunately Phil currently offline.

Not sure about this. Have already been too upfront about relationship with Phil, all very well when one is talking of virtual wearable object, but this becomes rather tangible. Am I being IMed by the actual orange plush Phil the Phoenix, available via mail order for AUS$16? Common sense says no. Is there a life size Phil the Phoenix avatar? Of course may be offering me free trip to Oz to meet Phil on the Southern Queensland campus, but somehow one doubts it.

Offer friendship to MC who is librarian here in RL. Then notice IH is online and say hi. IH says hello back (this is exciting). IH has started photo stream on flickr. We IM each other only to discover are both on Eduserv Island & spend some time failing to find each other, circling round Eduserv office block & falling through transparent bridge. Have a nice chat. Forgot to take pic (bother), IH currently has interesting red hair. Am offered friendship by IH's friend CH. Am acquiring healthy lengthening list of Friends.

Now AF is online! A profitable evening. AF has offered us office space on Eduserv Island and am able to show him which office would like (see top photo). Finish the evening by posing with Phil over soon-to-be office (2nd photo).
Note to self: Is there something sad in spending time tinkering with photographs of SL in Adobe Photoshop? I think I know the answer. And I'm calling them photos. Oh dear.

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