Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Colleague, disco, usual stuff

Graduation parties attended: 1 (good); Black library discussions: 1 (good); New SL colleague buying land: 1 (v. good); neighbours selling land: 1 (bad)

Briefly attended dance party for US library graduates at Rich Idiot. Took place in middle of night here and had actually aimed to go home before it started, but when inevitably was still faffing around in SL when witching hour approached, thought might as well drop in.

As usual was all grey and laggy for some time, but was able to make out name tag and distinctive form of North amongst the dancers. Had chat, and am now privileged to be included as an Educator's Coop hanger on, which means I can attend their meetings etc. (though again these happen at late hours, but there you go).

Have been talking recently to colleague Jackie in our RL Education Department, who was just entering SL. Was excited to find that not just brief, glancing interest as she has now invested in her own little parcel and already acquired clothes, hair etc bit like her RL self, or at least more like her RL self than me. She has installed tree and campfire and I think was searching for arabian tent. Wondered about dropping her landmarks for places with arabian tents, but do not wish to seem pushy.

Then was on to Black Library discussion, late, but did not prevent me from chuntering on. Fear that tend to return to same topics in conversation, but then am not only one.

Was sad to get email from neighbour to say that was selling up some of her land, to go down a tier. Said land was pleasant consisting mostly of grass and trees. She asked if I wanted any of it, but am currently at max for my tier so was able to resist. Hope that new buyers enter into current spirit of the sim i.e. Japanese/ elvish houses and plenty of green.

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