Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Interest, Talk, Recognition

People expressing interest in SL conference: 5 (good); Talks given about SL at RL conference: 1 (OK); No. of people spontaneously addressing me as Sheila Yoshikawa at RL conference: 1 (good)

Interest in conference increasing including one person who wants to do SL poster - hurrah! Suppose should put in link to info about conference so here it is:

At RL conf was encouraged when identified as Sheila Yoshikawa by another delegate, that not being name on RL conference badge, naturally. Also gave talk about using SL for my class and for IL generally, was bit discouraged when no questions afterwards, evidently had not presented SL as stimulating wow-factor environment - or perhaps too much so? Or perhaps simply was talking too fast.

Interesting but obvious point: when access SL from other side of world, SL is (of course) exactly the same. So not evident from above pic that was in Australia when took it.

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