Monday, 16 June 2008


Conferences announced: 1 (good); Interest so far: 0 (bad); SL gurus contacted who expressed desire to meet in RL: 1 (good)

In RL am now on other side of world, vis Australia, which takes rather longer to get to in RL than in SL i.e. approx 24 hours longer. However is worth it terms of hello sky, hello beach, hello sun, hello Aussie wine effect. Excuse for Australian jaunt are numerous conferences and while over here will also be attempting to lead conference track in SL on 26th June, when in RL will be based in Sydney.

This will be no prob at all if interest is at current level i.e. none. However, there is a week to go and have only just announced it, plus realise that email for registration got mangled in copying and pasting so no wonder if mailbox not overflowing. As part of attempt to gain Peace of Mind while in Sydney contacted well known SL guru, but seems that state of SL awareness amongst computing services at her uni is almost as bad as at mine. Hey ho. Hotel is supposed to have internet access plus have just splashed out on new shiny laptop with Nvidia 8600 graphic card

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