Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Shop, Make, Swing

Meadows created in shop: 1 (v. good); T-shirts created: 3 (good-ish); University campi visited: at least 1 (good)

Have zillion and one things to do before embarking on RL trip to Australia so of course have spent night:
1) Creating t-shirts for mini conference (will blog more on this in due course)
2) Editing chatlog, revising notecard, doing blog entries etc etc (see last post)
3) Blogging summer outfit in ihearts blog;
4) Selecting new outfit to wear tomorrow;
5) Buying assorted cute furniture items at BP Voyager store (one is in background of first pic. ie dressing table with animation)
6) Installing new photo display in shop (see first pic)
7) Uploading pics of SL to Flickr
8) Doing this blog entry

Of course sounds quite useful when put like that. Or at least sounds productive, if only in virtual way.

On Monday attended "Lessons in SL" meeting which is usually in Black Library, but this time was field trip to Ohio University campus with ample opportunities to get stranded on roof, stuck in staircase etc etc. Pic on right shows us at the start of the tour.

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