Saturday, 12 April 2008

Education, education, education

Education-related meetings attended: 4 (good); Bitching sessions about new browser: 1 (good); Floating head problems solved: 1 (v.v. good)

Having busy time in SL, somewhat interrupted by quirks of new SL browser. First encountered this browser on RL husband's PC which is superior beast and spent lots of time oohing an aahing over pretty light and water effects and taking pics. However, when got back to work and installed on my crummy laptop was firstly confronted by grey landscape due to graphics level being set to low. When upped it found was even SLOWER moving around than normal, things take even longer to rez etc etc and worst of all people who weren't right next to me only appeared as heads and boots, with nothing in between. Spooky! And slightly indecent somehow. Took several days before got the hint to UNTICK box "avatar imposters" in preferences settings. What is that about?? Oh well.

First set of pics taken before this, indeed one with tags still in taken specifically to show that in some cases have name tag with apparently no avatar underneath or only his/her head. Big one was of discussion at Montclair State Uni (regular Tues eveneing discussions) in which we were all moaning about the browser. One bottom right is of regular monday discussion in Black Library at Hyperborea (again, spot ye missing bodies). Last 2 are of video stream of lecture by Charles Messon of Harvard Buisness School. Key message was that playing poker is good was to teach ... I forget what - business, law or perhaps just Life.

Above pics were taken in Edinburgh Uni sim, Vue, with Pancha Enzyme, Ishbel and Pancha's colleague Lulu. Pancha has asked us to help out with a SL session at the SCONUL conference in June so of course said yes. Cool.


PeteJ said...

Hi Sheila,

I too have been struggling with the new client. Updating my graphics card drivers did seem to stop me crashing quite so much.

Also re "avatar impostors" etc, you've probably seen this already, but Torley produced a (quite long) video about all the new graphics options

I'm not sure I'll ever remember what they all do, but he did seem to cover the ground.


Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Hi thanks, I did have a look at the Torley video, but it was a case of information overload at that point - probably be a good idea for me to go back again now I've got a bit of exeprience of it, it might make more sense.


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