Tuesday, 15 April 2008


Favourite jewellery designer disappearing: 1 (bad); Blessings counted: 1 (good); Plays on double meaning of word "reflections": 1 (poor)
Was shocked to find from SL fashion blog feed that the Second Mirage shop is suddenly no more as designer is leaving SL. Immediately teleported to the Second Mirage sim but all had disappeared - shop and all its jewels. Whilst standing gawping at empty landscape someone came up who said she lived there and was now being ousted, sad as it was her first home. Thus forced to reflect on advantage of being on mainland (as with my own home) since although may suddenly find self with giant plank or nightclub for neighbour at least don't get made homeless on an owner's whim.

Think that people in fashion world must know why the designer suddenly left as has been zero comment on the feeds. Am now cursing that didn't ask SM resident what the reason was. Anyway, have got several favourite pieces from Second Mirage and now cursing even more that didn't pour a few more lindens into snapping up earrings, necklaces etc. while had chance.

2nd type of "reflection" is what you get with windlight on water and can see it especially in pic of me standing in sea at Bossa Nova. Have to stress this taken with husband's high end computer, as mentioned in previous post, as with own inferior animal just get the odd sparkle, although sky definitely improved.

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