Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Some more dull pictures of people sitting around

Discussions attended: 2 (thrilling); No of times "what are advantages of SL for education" gets raised as discussion topic per month: approx. 3 thousand (again, thrilling, ahem)

Attended usual educational discussion in Black Library on Monday and the Tuesday one at Montclair. Subject of latter was how would justify Second Life being greater priority than Blackboard. In both cases was good amount of discussion but have decided that should do more listening. Can remember making this resolution before. Oh well.
Will mention that for me SL is a learning space, so not really an alternative to a virtual learning environment like Blackboard, but each has its place e.g. SL pretty useless for storing textual material and lots of 2D pics at present. On other hand SL has possibilities of 3D work, greater sense of personality, and animated squirrels.

After Montclair discussion went back to Infolit iSchool with North Lamar for nice chat in Hobbiton house (as in 2nd pic). He was talking about improvements to latest run of his virtual worlds class, all good stuff e.g. more practice of building as a group before tackling real group project, more emphasis on getting together a project "pitch" for clients.

Each educational discussion results in yet more pics of people sitting in chairs (or bobbins, in case of Hobbiton House). For me each of course is fascinatingly different, not least for fact that am wearing different outfit every time, but may possibly be breaching boredom threshold of honoured readers.

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