Wednesday, 23 April 2008

And yet more sitting and flying around

Discussions about SL librarians: 1 (good); Rash promises given about date of submitting conference paper: 1 (bad); Tours of island given: 1 (good); Persons suffering from travel sickness on tour: none (good, my touring skills have improved)

Last Thursday's Infolit iSchool discussion led by Pam Ribble on Pitfalls for librarians in SL. Pam also gave some good links etc for libraries in SL.
Good turnout, inc. someone from Konstanz (Tarwin) who had been chasing me to submit an overdue conference paper in RL. (Finally cornered in SL, LOL as they say.) Chatlog for the "Pitfalls" discussion is at and it also included discussion of opportunities ;-)
As wasn't lead person was able to do admin-y things like drop people notecards and look out for lost people.

After discussion over I offered a quick tour of island in Follow Chairs amd had a number of takers. Zipped round quite quickly without too many bumps (I think).
Afterwards had talks with Tarwin and also French researcher who hope to see in RL when I do a keynote at a conference in France in October. All v. international.

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