Sunday, 20 April 2008


Visits to virtual classrooms: 2 (good); Virtual lunches consumed: 1 (good); Crashes on flying carpets: 1 (bad)

2 visits to classrooms of different types. On one hand was v. excited when discovered sim (Benesse possibly, must check name) which has faithful reproduction of Japanese school, as least is faithful reproduction of how schools appear in Japanese anime. Resisted ideas of changing into Japanese schoolgirl oufit (for moment anyway) as possibly seeming pervy and took various pics including this one consuming Japanese lunch in classroom. Can pick up lunch as freebie. V. cool. Was someone else exploring sim, in his case using "Negi" (magician schoolboy teacher from anime Negima!) avatar but didn't take pic of him.

2nd classroom different in that is virtual ideal classroom project in Jokaydia sim where educator is creating same under environmentally sustainable principles so is including virtual wormeries and the like. V. interesting and am popping in from time to time to see progress. On this occasion found that Jokay herself, plus educator doing project plus Heyjude were there. Pottered around looking at new additions including seating and said wormery.
Joined in flying carpet ride, always fun, but in this case got stuck on sim boundary and crashed so thus ended the visit.

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