Thursday, 21 February 2008

Consumption, farewell

Plants bought: 38 (v.good); Statues of Bastet bought: 1 (high prim); Blouses bought: 1 (good); Pairs of shorts: bought: 2 (good, but rather piontless); Pairs of tights bought: 1 (good); Bracelets bought: 1 (good, though not quite as good as hoped); Pairs of pink ballet shoes bought: 1 (good); Pairs of silver silk jeans bought: 1 (good); Strange capsule lamps bought: 1 (OK); Amount of land sold: 2048 (v.v. good); Amount of land bought: 1024 (good)

After approx. 36 hours after submission of ticket, random Linden replies to say that credit card details have been obliterated in order to clear fault and must now input them again to resume normal purchasing behaviour. Thus am able to plunge into SL and make up for lost time by buying items listed above and here I am with/wearing a selection of them.
Cannot remember if mentioned that had put up 2 parcels of land for sale and sold one. Person who bought has already sold up again to one Sarah Nerd, who according to her profile buys any land which is set to sell to her at a certain rate, for resale. Decide this is worth trying since 2nd parcel shows no sign of shifting and bingo! she indeed buys land within few hours. Land immediately put back on market at higher price, but land is out of my account which is main thing.

Go about clearing rest of parcel that was my original first land. In fact next part to go includes first 512 sq m. I ever bought. Certain nostalgia as delete or take wisteria trees, tea house, carp, steaming green tea etc. etc. Set this bit to sale prior to clearing rest and go offline.
Within an hour this has been snapped up by some eager buyer who also immediately sets it to Sell, but in this case only at 900 Lindens more than was bought for. Can it be worth it, considering tier costs? Anyway, the pic shows me examining the for sale sign with some bafflement.
Bouyed up by this sales frenzy and the sight of all those Lindens in my purse I revise plan of keeping some of old land, empty, to boost prim count in new home (which is on same sim). Decide instead to sell it all, and buy small plot that has just come up for sale next to new home, for same purpose. Of course as soon as have bought cannot resist putting in plants, trees, a small brown bird and a purple butterly. But will try to keep it at that.

Last pic just shows Farradane House by moonlight.Soon I will turn the island to spring, so am enjoying snow whilst it lasts.


Anonymous said...

What is the reason for the name of the moonlit house?

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

It was named after Jason Farradane, a pioneer in Information Science

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