Thursday, 21 February 2008

Voice, Interviews, Meetings

Interviews given: 1 (v. good)

Realise that heading of last post. i.e "Consumption, farewell" sounded as though was bidding farewell to consumption. Given content of last post this might have been somewhat baffling. Title meant to convey that was bidding Hello to consumption and Farewell to my first ever land parcel. Oh well.

Most notable event recently, apart from discussion on island that will blog separately, was being interviewed for Metaverse TV by Dousa Dragonash. V. exciting. She and MTV CEO/camerman visited Infolit iSchool and we chatted in the offices, Sakura House and the shoreside cafe, the Sure Thing (named after a RL Australian cafe).

Not sure when interview will come out, but obviously will post it here when it does. Because of interview have finally succumbed to Voice. Now have natty headphone set in RL and am Voice Enabled. Seemed rather strange after all the Chat. MTV had just been floated on SL exchange so general excitement around. Is now large TV on beach so visitors can watch me. Anyway am looking forward to final result.

Earlier this week attended panel in which people from RL media organisations e.g Reuters were talking about RL media in SL. Was v. popular and audience never fully emerged from grey lumpiness that indicates great lag (see 2nd pic). One message was that reporters still weren't making much money in SL. However some media companies saw it as brand building. So content of panel quite interesting but visit to Black Library in Hyperborea for usual Monday night discussion about education was more enjoyable, as fewer people there and when felt in need of distraction can poke virtual black labrador or collect freebie rat that was on offer to celebrate new Chinese Year of the Rat.
3rd pic shows me discovering giant banana on roof of library. Enough said.

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