Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hobbiton, Meeting, Beer

Discussions held: 1 (good); Wardrobe overlap encountered: 1 (good); Beers offered: 1 (good)
Led a discussion session on 7 Feb reporting back from the Information strategies for researchers conference (held in Dublin on 31 Jan) and discussing issues to do with researchers' information literacy. The transcript of the talk is online at and notecard with info is in the Centre for Information Literacy Research on the Infolit iSchool. Am also blogging most of notecard over 3 posts at Seemed interesting discussion: anyway, you can read it for yoursef.

Had emailed lis-infoliteracy discussion list and seemed to have picked up most of participants through that. Used Hobbiton House for discussion for first time - Bobbin seats have disadvantage that some poses are slightly odd, plus with most of them you can't see whether someone's about to chat (i.e. computer typing animation is supressed). Saw that one person was wandering round island at same time and assumed she was trying to find meeting, but in fact was sighteseer. Encountered her later - she turned out to be from a Canadian college and later she brought a friend back and offered me some beer, which was companionable.

In meantime had visited Flower's new office again and found that I was wearing a cardigan she had and she was wearing a dress I had. Whilst twittering thus, male avatar who had been attempting serious conversation about pets had quietly melted away....

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