Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I want

Hours without Linden: 48 (v. bad); Items on shopping list for when access to Linden restored: 8 and counting (v.v.bad)
Due to SL glitch am currently unable to buy more Linden. Keep seeing merry messages on Linden Labs' blog saying "Service restored" but these are lies, since whether try in or out of world still get same gloomy message that transaction has not gone through. Blog acknowledged that "UK Lindens" were having problems but concentration seems to be on sorting out concurrent PayPal problem. Humph.
In meantime am making list of things to buy when SL restored. Top of this are spring flowers from Heart Garden Centre. Have been visiting frequently since was evident that space was being cleared to advertise New Lines and now, hurrah, can splurge on (1) daffodils, (2) snowdrops, (3) tulips, (4) orchids and (5) another flower I forget the name of.
Have not been totally deprived since fortunately today received my weekly L$300 from LL for being a premium customer , so hot footed it to Heart and snapped up 2 snowdrop plants and one daffodil clump.
In RL these would scarcely fill a flowerbed, however as can see in pics, in SL daffodils are apparently 5 feet high, so 3 plants plus a couple of freebie bluebells was just enough (see 2nd pic).
Am also hoping to purchase (6) some implausible pink denim shorts that hope will go with new cream and rose shrug and pink tulle skirt, (7) Egyptian statue of Bast to adorn new Morrocan home; (8) Stone hinge bracelet from Fae Designs.
Of course is possible that should be taking opportunity to quell consumerist urges but that does not seem much fun.


DrJoolz said...

the flowers look divine - I would love to have some this high in my garden!

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Mmmm and they don't need any watering either ;-)

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