Tuesday, 2 October 2007


New houses acquired: 4 (but one was free); Skyboxes built: 1 (good); Skyboxes bought: 1 (bad, except it is v. nice); Relaxed time with friends: 1 (good)
Have spent too much time in SL and not enough blogging. Or even working. New semester has interfered a little with SL activity, ahem.

Am snapping up houses that might come in useful on the island. In particular feel triumphant that have been trying to find Japanese builder that visited early on and didn't bookmark. Today stumbled across shop (Minoru) when searching for something else (coincidentally, today gave out paper on information encountering for students to read). Bought:
1) v. nice open structure in pale wood that will do for offices or shop,
2) v. pretty skybox in teahouse style, and
3) pack of infinitely copyable bits of raised walkway, stair and bridge, v. good quality though also alas rather high prim.

Also bought rather more disappointing but cheap house (it looked better in the picture, must really only buy when have viewed). And did I mention the Victorian Steampunk skybox from SCM industries? Can't remember now. There was also a v.v. cheap 9 prim house and a free pod from some other builder, but frankly can do better than latter myself. Inventory now so stuffed with houses that have difficulty remembering which is which and will certainly not have room for all of them on island if wish to leave scope for Creativity.
Have created arty skybox out of squares and squashed sculpted prims. Am rather proud but fear others don't like it as much as me. One problem is that because of squished and sculpted nature of prims, sometimes bits of prim seem to be in different places, which might make one queasy.

Will be interested to know what Citril and Ishbel think, though suppose they will be polite. Invited them round the other evening and had v. nice time trying out spa-in-a-teacup in fairy glen part of property (Citril looked v. pretty), and also floating in rubber rings in front of larger Japanese home. Was also amusing moment when Citril changed clothes and whilst to her eyes she was modestly clad as far as rest of world was concerned she was wearing only bikini top.
Maggie Kohime (shown here in my skybox( visited today and was able to show her some possibles for the library's home on the island. She may go with another SCM Industries item: also basically a box but v. nicely made and with adjustable tinting in windows, and lighting.

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