Thursday, 4 October 2007

Identity, meetings, acorns

No of time in last 2 days people tried to chat up S Yoshikawa: 0 (good); No of times in last 2 days people tried to chat up Dimitrova Shostakovich: 4 (bad); People admiring skybox: 1 (good); Pictures taken of Dimitrova with windmill through nose: 1 (amusing, and not just because it's her that people try to chat up, obviously); No of mentions of this blog in Information World Review: 1 (v. good); Misspellings of "Sheila" in headlines of IWR: 1 (v. bad) ;Squirrels bought: 1 (cute, and appears to generate own acorns)

Have made interesting observation, namely that more people try to engage Dimitrova in idle chat than do me, Sheila Yoshikawa. Is this because DS gets about more? Think not, since SY is ever flitting hither and thither adding to her inventory. Is this because Sheila Yoshikawa is comely but faintly whimsical, what with blue hair etc. etc. and lack of matchstick thin legs, whilst alternative avatar (Dimitrova Shostakovich) has no bottom to speak of, waterfalls of dark hair, classic features and a Russian name which presumably some people (who do not know the work of Dmitry Shostakovich) might take to mean An Invitation To Fun and Frolics (rather than an invitation to meditate on death and the futility of human aspiration).

Could be whole PhD-s worth of research in people's reaction to 2 avatars and indeed think people have already got higher degrees from less. Anyway, both avatars took a turn in a splended new sim, Gion (after the Gion quarter in Kyoto, where the geisha are) which is v. lush and atmospheric. There were free fans and windmills, v. cute but all no transfer, and had decided that both avatars would benefit from having them in inventory. Dimitrova took Orange windmill to start with, but decided Red was improvement, when, alack, hair disappeared and 2nd windmill gave bone-through-nose effect (see pic).

This was comedy highlight of day, so can tell rest of day rather lacking on amusement front.

Last night met up briefly with Ishbel, who expressed liking of self-made sky box. Is definitely something v.weird going on when flexi or scultped prims in box, since prim skirt became transparent. Not good. Or perhaps could pretend was deliberate effect of immersive art.

Was taking photos of new animated grey squirrel in office this evening, when saw that Art was creating cool Giant Tree In Globe at other end of complex. After batting around globe, found way in and admired. Had good talk about possible education meetings.

Must also modestly note that this blog features (with information literacy one) in Information World Review, that esteemed organ, where Sheila Webber is featured blogger. Or, in fact is evidently another alt since Shelia Webber is mentioned in article title. Honestly (sighs).

Final pic. shows Art earlier in evening when had spotted him on Eduserv Island but discovered he was, in fact, Away. Would like, BTW, to emphasise have not taken up stalking to compensate for fact that unknown SL idiots prefer slim brunette avatar. In fact had better drop whole topic forthwith.

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