Monday, 29 October 2007

Catching up

Islands prepared: 1 (good)

As mentioned in previous post, have been so busy in SL that have had no spare time to blog same.
In next few entries will try to cover key points, but probably more pics than words. At present am still mulling over session earlier in day when students had second session on island. Excitement! But more anon.

Have blogged discussion sessions on Eduserv Island on serious Information Literacy blog. Basically last 2 talks did not suffer fate of previous i.e. people did actually turn up. Also only crashed out once and was able to upload chat history successfully to Leeds Met's useful widget thingy. Here are some nice pics of island, in particular Marsha11, in tree house with Bubble Wand. Also see here the underwater doughnut seating and the cafeteria.

Am so please dwith tree house have demolished large white house on own land and replaced with said tree dwelling, which is fortunately Copy, so could have whole forest of them had I prims enough and time.

Also have added twee fairy bridge to tree house since when was visited by North Lamar found self scrambling in graceless fashion across tree house base. Have been looking for excuse ever since could not decide between twee oak bridge and twee fairy bridge to span river & finally opted for Twee Oak (with Cushion Pose). Have now managed to notch up over 6000 prims. Oh dear.

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