Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Island, Island, Island

Buildings placed on island: 19 (bad); Buildings left on island after mature consideration: 13 (oh dear, unlucky for some); Visitors to the island: 5 (good)

Short entry as too busy making island into place fit to take first year undergraduates. Would emphasise that buildings count includes:

- hot tub on platform
- small house in shape of insect
- small house in shape of apple
- small house in shape of strawberry
- shelter containing vending machines near student residences.

Or perhaps that doesn't make it sound any better.
Today Maggie and Violette from the library here saw island for first time and were first passengers to take the Balloon Guided Tour. This was bought in after I took the Guided Tour on the new international island (vehicle moves round specified route and chats commentary to you), however decided to pay extra for Balloon option since .... balloons just seem rather cool. First attempt to script tour ended in disaster since had omitted to set start point properly and balloon merely dragged along ground emptying passengers (me) from basket. 2nd attempt more successful although discovered that is intrinsic feature of the tour that at the end balloon vanishes and passengers tumble to ground.

Was also joined in balloon by colleague Yuxuan (it is a 2 person ballon). Maggie and Violette will be setting up things in the island's Library and Yuxuan will have an office here so it's all happening.

Previously Ishbel and Marsha11 had teleported in and had been particularly impressed with the tree house, which certainly hasn't palled yet. Have decided to put one on my personal land as well.

Pics show Ishbel and I in the tree house; Violette, Maggie, Yuxuan and me in my office; Me suffering from a Drunkeness animation

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