Sunday, 14 October 2007

Before and after

Following on from the last entry, here you can see part of the island as it was delivered, compared with how it is now. Unfortunately as the number of prims goes up, so the ability of my graphics card to cope with the whole scene decreases so you don't get all the detail.

You can see that the mountain on the right is pretty similar, but there is now a river pass cut through - in the middle of the picture. The land has been extended a bit on the right and left banks of the river, flattened out somewhat to accommodate the buildings, and I've fiddled with the water's edge to make it more interesting.

This is the area for offices: on the left the Centre and the Department in a white building, then CILASS, on the right a conference room and my office nearest the camera, and the library further back. Next to the library is a cafeteria area in the open and my head is obscuring a small landing stage. The thing poking in on the top left is the bottom of a skybox that will be the largest conference area.

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