Sunday, 14 October 2007

15000 prims

Islands delivered: 1 (v.v. good); Prims to use: 15,000 (v.v. good); Hours spent on new island: countless (v. bad)

Had refrained from giving ongoing story of Lindens' lack of response to emails, chat, online tickets etc etc as regards delivery of island. It turns out that answer is to email Claudia Linden with tale of woe as after (literally) weeks of inaction, island was delivered within hours of whining email being delivered to her.

As consequence have spent so much time terraforming, planting, buying yet more houses etc etc that have had little time for blogging, sleeping and so forth.

The island (shape 4) comes terraformed but have altered it a good deal, wlthough mountain peaks are still roughly where they started. Also took pic of Object tab showing 15000 out of 15000 prims available for use. The first prim(s) were a stone lantern that I planted on a little outcrop I created at one corner of the island.

Now there are are a good deal less than 15000 prims, namely 11000 and something. Will feature various aspects of island in due course.

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