Monday, 29 October 2007


Shops rented: 1 (foolish); Items for sale: 8 (good); Items sold: 0 (bad)

For lack of things to do, ahem, decided to take plunge as shopkeeper. Had visited La Reina sim in search of Halloween Freebies and decided was v. nice area with refreshing maritime feel. Looked idly at land, but already have more land than is sensible and anyway it was just for rent. However, shops v. cute and only Linden $300 a week (a snip!), so decided to set up shop with autumnal feel selling framed photos of RL autumn.

A click on the Payment Cube and 'twas done. Initial efforts at furbishment thwarted as had not been joined to Group that enabled Building on land, so placed items all disappeared into void, whence some never returned (most annoyingly, swirling autumn leaves that had only just shelled out good Lindens for), though some turned up in Lost and Found inventory.

However, landlady responded to IM, so now shop is set up with artfully placed deconstructed autumn trees, said swirling leaves, the objects of sale (pics) and a fruitbowl. Have made inevitable freebie, namely one of my best pics of sutumn leaf, with part of Keats poem in attractive yet subtly illegible typeface.

Is doubtless whimsical folly, but, hey! am already planning next set of unsaleable pics on Australian Spring theme. Address is: La Reina (185, 170,24).

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