Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Logga in

Error messages: 1 (amusing); Blogger languages: several (sometimes unexpected)

When logging out from Blogger just now received startling news that:

"Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request."

Shall reprimand Client immediately.

Took me back to Good Old Days of internet when 404 File Not Found & assorted other messages popped up with a regularity that reassured you that you were still at the pioneer edge of technology. In fact takes me back even more to heady early phase of online when you had to wrestle phone handsets into rubber cups to get some sort of online connection and the screen was one mass of enigmatic messages. In fact can even remember time when WAS no screen, everything got printed out onto thermal paper that faded and curled up almost before you had time to read it.

To return to blogger, other oddity that have meant to mention for a while is that if connect to internet using free wifi on National Express trains, for some strange reason Google and all its services (including Blogger) are displayed in Swedish. This being National Express can only assume that is because is cheaper for them e.g. perhaps they are getting some sort of cut-price IKEA wifi.

Fortunately is pretty obvious what to do since buttons and boxes are all in the same place and already knew that Swedish for Search was Sok.
Of course could be ruse to try and get passengers to talk to each other ('Excuse me young man, do you know the Swedish for "log in"?') or even altruistic attempt to teach us another language. However, given notorious disinclination of British railway passengers to talk to anyone they don't already know, and their adherence to the English language, fear both enterprises are doomed to failure.


Unknown said...

I got my first internet access in 1989 and had to cycle 6km (one way) to sit in front of a Sun 3/50 to access the net. Back then I already had worked in BBS systems for a few years.

When you tell this to young people today, they look at you as if grandpa tells stories from the war.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

I'm not a techie person, but I was marketing online information systems (via packet switched networks) for the British Library (the first UK host to be connected to the UK PSS) in, um, 1980 ....

On another note, I see that National Express is now reporting giant losses on the East Coast line and the route may be renationalised, so it is probably farewell wifi in whatever language.

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