Monday, 8 February 2010

I am 1013 days old

Profiles rediscovered on Avatars United: 1 (forgotten); HUDs activated: 1 (good); SL blip messages sent: 1 (pointless); No. of AU friends so far: 7 (ok); Of those, no. who are actually known to me: 1 (bad)
Linden Lab have bought Avatars United, so AU has suddenly become EITHER v. cool OR v. cool-to-mock. Was slighlty suprised to find was already on it, since had thought that social networking site that I had joined in October 2008 was Avatars REunited. Such a memory glitch will be unsurprising in one who had blogged the same thing in 2 successive posts (i.e. the VWER meeting on Jan 12 - though interesting to note that said different things about it in each post. Interesting to me, anyway).

Had also unsurprisingly forgotten password, but once had requested new one, logged in, and since then have been accepting Friendship of all who care to offer it. So far this mostly consists of people who want to sell me things, but nice things (e.g. poses) rather than sort of stuff advertised by blog-spammers. Amusingly, saw one of my "new friends" complaining about how people SHE didn't know kept asking to Unite with her; rather sculptie-calling-texture-laggy, I would say.

Have discovered that actually feel embarrassed by lack of friends, presumably because of contrast with vast list of friends in SL itself. Disturbing; thought was above that kind of thing. Had short feverish burst of making Unite requests, but have calmed down now. Think it was when realised that in desperation for friends had agreed to unite with Emerald Viewer i.e. am now chums with a piece of software, namely an alt. SL browser.

Was alerted by a blog post to "SL blip", free on Xstreet, which is an inworld HUD that somehow links up with an app in AU. It tells you your age in days, which is where title of this post came from. You can send messages from SL to your AU profile, which automatically have your location attached. In the instruction sheet they suggest you send blips such as " I'm at this cool music event, come check it out!" This inanity probably tips AU firmly into "cool to mock it" category.

NB: picture is nothing to do with Avatars United, it's the cute new Educational Informatics Village I created for this year's class.

P.S. Balloona became a blog Follower again, with same pic. of her Assets, but presumably with different userid. Perhaps she really is a fan. Or perhaps she googles occurrances of her name. Shouldn't have said it was cute in last post, asking for trouble really.

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