Friday, 5 February 2010


Followers blocked: 1 (bad)
Have resigned self to clearing out my 2 Ning sites of unwelcome members who sign up and then proceed to spam Ning with posts about chemical substances and write-your-homework services (latter is rather ironic, considering both sites are about information literacy). Am also used to rejecting posts from all sorts of people spamming my blogs.

However today was a first in blocking an unwelcome Blog Follower, namely one Balloona, who attracted my attention since her profile pic consisted of a naked torso, presumably hers. On investigation did indeed prove that her profile had links to sites such as "My dirty habit" and "Balloona stellt sich vor" (Balloona introduces herself).

Hmm, having denied Don Tapscott the oxygen of publicity, am now giving rather too much of it to Balloona. Her name is quite cute, though. Do hope I was not doing her an injustice, would be shame if I was banning a serious fan of my deathless prose.

Photo is of the Wilting Heart Shrine, a freebie in a hunt, from the Julia Collection. The heart pumps and makes a beating sound, and there is a cool pose (illustrated) and a doomy sort of poem. Have placed it in winter woods area, and to counterbalance this have also installed a romantic table and chair set from Belle Belle, in the shade of a valentine tree (top right). So, take your pick, depending on your mood.

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