Sunday, 28 June 2009


No of different tags used in this blog: 450 (approx) (like, wow)

Have just added list of Tags/Labels used in this blog to the Adventures home page. Can be found on the right after the j-pop player. There are an awful lot of them. Therefore thought should explain something about my approach to tagging.

Now, whilst at the Uni of Strathclyde, taught indexing for several years. This was for usual reason i.e. no-one else wanted to teaching indexing and I agreed to do it when arrived as new lecturer and knew no better.

Thus am aware of benefits of controlled vocabularies, can tell a Broader from a Narrower term, and describe the glory that is the Scope Note. Since started in this business when indexes were mostly on paper also know the difference between KWIC and KWOC and might even still attempt a description of PRECIS.

However, fond readers will note that in this blog have happily thrown all that nonsense out of the window. Instead am practising the art of Tagging as Stream of Consciousness. Basically, when come to the end of the entry, fill in the tags happily with whatever first comes into head. This is usually related to the content of the entry, though this is not guaranteed. Sometimes yield happily to word association e.g. in post before last tagged Mirror (because was using mirror water effect) and then tagged Smoke, since, you know, there is that phrase smoke and mirrors. Think this may be rather ineffective subconcious act of subversion against the dark tides of orderly metadata.

Therefore you may find the list of tags:

a) A delightful source of serendipitous amusement; or

b) A disgrace.

Enjoy! (As the waitress says when serving you with a plate of slightly overcooked pasta and a glass of slightly underchilled white wine)


Hazel said...

Definitely b)
but in that case my list ahould be marked at c) = double disgrace as I'm actually working on a controlled vocabulary (but not for me!)

Sheila Yoshikawa said...


Hazel said...

Talk about the cobbler's children - what ARE we like?
I need lol and control right now. Need marketing leaflets etc for conference on Thursday and printer is NOT co-operating.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Argh, can sympathise. Yesterday I was trying to print out 40 x 2 page letters on headed notepaper (so interleaving headed and non-headed) using a fairly basic printer (which is not in my office, so lots of running up and down the corridor) and I tore up more misfeeds than I got successful copies.

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