Thursday, 2 October 2008


Events planned: 10 (v. good); Notecards updated: 1 (good); Notices sent to SL Groups: 3 (good): Discussion lists emailed: 3 (good); Entries posted to Google Calendars: 20 (tedious); Notecards placed in posters inworld: 4 (even more tedious); Textures in posters updated and replaced (I am bored with publicising these events); Events created on Facebook: zero (simply can't face it) (no pun intended)

Have finally got together schedule for autumn discussion series. Have got some excellent discussion leaders. Is a bit light on RESEARCH side though, so will see if can slip that in somehow. Tedious but obviously essential bit is publicising events. Pic shows me in the CILR office on Eduserv Island which still haven't been chucked out of so try to keep the discussion info up to date.

First session (today) is one where hope will get some ideas for Info Lit "7 Pillars" build, in area formerly occupied by student homes. Latter will go on an Open Space sim if ever get round to ordering it, or in meantime they can have skyboxes. Have kept student common room, and as think noted in previous entry, have upgraded it with sea pool, shower with detailed animation (just right side of decent, I think) and dance ball on roof (2nd pic is of me dancing). Have left Tim's shack since he is now Research Assistant for colleague and can help with SL sessions which is v.v. good.

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