Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hello avatar

New services signed up for: 1 (pointless)

Do not use Facebook much any more as seems much too 2-dimensional, however was in it today when eye was caught by ad for service called Avatars United. As ever, was happy to follow path of serendipity and a mere 10 minutes later (ok, 20) was fully signed up & documented member of this social network for pixellated entities. Cool or what.

Had uploaded pic of self looking cute, added a few smart-alec comments in biog, connected to RSS stream from Flickr and this blog, and suddenly have full and vibrant profile. Completed endeveour by identifying Friend (HVX, who had seen only today) and asking service to Unite us.

And here is my profile page. Hey ho. It is at Have put that here as bound to forget it as soon as next glittering social networking bauble comes along.

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