Saturday, 4 October 2008

Learning from experience

Lessons learned: 1 (i.e. read your own blog)

When had posted previous post, clicked on tag butterflies at end of entry (as can do you, gentle reader) to check that could indeed thus miraculously retrieve entire Curse of Butterflies saga. However when reread posts realised that solution to invisible butterfly emitter issue (CTRL+ALT+T) was given in said posts. So rather than troubling colleagues could simply have read own blog. Is a lesson there for all of us, particularly me.

The pic shows Zoe, who was nervous in case she has to appear at the student session on Monday* and went on a dollarbie hunt to the Glamour fashion show. However, she ended up wearing some group gift butterfly wings and a dress she'd picked up at Relay For Life, always the way. Fun unpacking the boxes, though.

*In case some students have failed to create own avatars as instructed. Is currently odds-on that she will, sigh, but live in hope.

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