Saturday, 4 October 2008


Hot tubs made: 1 (good): Grass patches made: 1 (good); Creative wall, um, created: 1 (good); Glass flower room created: 1 (v. good, at least I think so)

Am still involved in the Educator's Coop challenge to do a build. Deadline was going to be Oct 5th, but we seem to have a coursework extension, and this without normal procedure of faking a doctor's note or family bereavement. Grandma has done some really nice scripts so that on top level of our build there is a script in each corner. One is for group chat, one 2-person chat, one is a diary room and one will pose pre-set questions. Chat is captured on a website with a page for each session. V. cool.

Since no-one stopped me I spent couple of hours creating settings for each of those: flower/butterfly group area; Diary room; Oriental hot tub (for questioning, might as well be relaxing while you are interrogated) and urban area (as see-saw had already been put in and it looked a bit rusty). The pics show the group and diary room areas (some of which are changed for latest version) and then whole thing.

Wall is rather cool IMHO since I textured each side differently with bark/stone effect on the flowery side, and a photo of some street art in Copenhagen on the grungey side. Am also rather pleased with look of diary room. Used a SL picture twirled round a bit, for the texture, and effect is like a rather expensive pink glass decorative bottle I have. In fact wonder whether might be good enough to offer as freebie in forthcoming Juicy Sim birthday hunt.

Whilst looking for butterfly emitters in inventory, by mistake rezzed the blue butterfly emitter that had such problems with in my early days. Despite my intervening skills acquisition, when fatal blue butterflies started to swarm, and, realising error, I attempted to TAKE it:

a) removed section of floor by mistake; and

b) almost deleted various other objects, since emitter is invisible and had forgotten how to make invisible things appear.

Anyway, is OK now, as other Educators Coop members able to provide answer and blue perils are now back in inventory. Should really delete them altogether. Perhaps can give it to someone that want to annoy someday, though, so best to hang on. What is one item amongst 18,000 (latest inventory count) after all.

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