Saturday, 22 May 2010

Screenr. Cool

Screencasts made using Screenr: 2 (good)

Today noticed a Torley video about screencasts, watched it and by half way through had zipped out and started a screencast. Seems to be eastpeasy way of making machinima of SL. Yipee!
Now at present should be:
- Marking, or:
- Emailing RL people who proposed abstracts for a RL conference to tell them whether or not they are IN, or;
- Doing the ppt for the presentation am giving in RL in Prague next week, or;
- Getting some sleep.
However, of course am instead recording screencasts, twittering them and publishing to Youtube. And now am blogging it. Suppose next thing would be uploading them to Flickr, or perhaps emailing them all my friends, however will stick with Screenr, Twitter, Youtube and Blogger for new.
According to Torley can't get ambient noise from SL, which is a shame (and if Torley can't work out how to, sure I can't) however, is v. good for doing voice overs. Considering that spent whole nanoseconds working out what to say beforehand don't think did too badly. Well, in fact with one on Information/literacy exhibition did actually reject two partial takes. Also is what will now call deliberate mistake when say that will not show full quotation, and then do.
Can only record 5 minutes but that is actually a plus since after 5 mins most people get bored with videos IMHO.
Hmm, perhaps can turn this to good effect and create some sort of screencast as part of Prague talk.

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BookChook said...

I just wanted to say I've visited after a Google alert for literacy took me to your other blog.

Thank you for showing me a little of Second Life. I had read some bits and pieces by educators about it, and it fascinates me, but I have never tried it as I never seem to have a big enough chunk of time available to me to learn the ropes. I just love the idea of your SL home, your exhibition, and virtually participating in educational programs.

The blog of Sheila Yoshikawa on her adventures in Second Life. This may be very thrilling. Or possibly not.