Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Shops visited with students: 2 (good)
On Monday had rare treat of combining shopping with genuine pedagogic experience, as had optional session showing Educational Informatics students delight of freebie hunting via shops and groups. Now must admit that is question whether should be blogging this as me, since in fact used alt, namely one Mikael Zanzibar. He is the only avatar in my possession who has current set of "entry level" avatars, as he was born last semester, so is more like what students have in inventory.
Had made notecard with landmarks and instructions and then we all tp-ed to Nicky Ree where sumptious gown awaited those able to successfully add selves to group by clicking poster. As you may guess, with 7 people clicking simultaneously, this was disaster and no-one managed to joing group. Luckily NR also has nice freebie wall including space suits so was not complete waste of time.
Then zipped over to Zero Style, a fave hair designer, which has 2 freebie hairs on offer. Pic shows Mikael demonstrating how to use the demos in the hair vendors, though don't think he's going to buy this one if he knows what's good for him. Two of my companions can only look on in disbelief.

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