Thursday, 19 March 2009

Media watching

Mentions of serious applications of SL in UK: several (good)
Noticed a couple of news items about SL in the UK, namely:
** Sussex University has its own campus: in RL I was library assistant there for a year, and the SL version is SPOOKILY like the real thing (pictured here). In fact the Sussex architecture is rather suited to SL since it is angular but distinctive:

** Liverpool Hope University evidently thinks that having an open day in SL is worth a press release:

** Eloise Pasteur noticed that the UK Government is defending its use of SL:

** and finally .. the head of computing services at my uni blogged about SL ...


Peter Miller said...

Um, Liverpool Hope was 2008. I don't know whether they are repeating it.

Sheila Yoshikawa said...

Oops, that will teach me to be INFORMATION LITERATE and read the dates on the "more like this" headlines on the BBC news site. I suppose that kind of thing is only news the first time around.

Peter Miller said...

Ooh! Suddenly realised Liverpool Hope seems to have left SL or decided to hide.

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