Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Visit to other uni sims: 1 (good); Tours given of Infolit iSchool: 1 (good); Embarrassing moments in fairy queen cosi: 2 (bad)

Offered tour to MA student doing dissertation on educational use of SL. Took about an hour, but useful to have to explain what rationale is for different areas etc. Ended with balloon tour, which went well except found that pretty new dress exposed embarrassing glimpse of thigh when balloon in full flight and skirt blowing out of side of balloon basket (as is wont of prim skirts). Fortunately unlike RL can change into more modest garb at once.
When landed back in front of library found that 2 random academics from other countries were looking round island (here they are in the CILASS/ Educational Studies building) so popped over to say Hi.

Am also trying to look more at other islands rather than just touring the clothes shops in time off. Therefore tp-ed in to University of Liverpool which is being set up currently. Are already some interesting leftover exhibits from molecular structure conference and some other things e.g. model of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Encountered Graham, who had been at the LTEA2008 conference and he happened to have up and running a web-on-a-prim tool that I'd been thinking of buying (see pictures) - cool and seemed to work.
He was with a few colleagues, and I felt a little overdressed in tiara and ball gown. Is it that dress code in SL is getting more conservative, or just that am doing larger proportion of professional things? Hmmm.

P.S. Have had paper accepted for the Relive conference in November. Yay!

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Peter Miller said...

Delighted to see you -- do call back! Sorry we were sartorially sub-par -- I can do better

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