Sunday, 6 July 2008

Chatlogs, missed meeting

Presentations almost attended: 1 (bad**); Chatlogs put online: 5 (good); Planes cancelled: 1 (bad)
Am restored unexpectedly to broadband internet due to cancellation of first leg of trip back from Australia. Thus am currently in hotel room writing this whilst listening to British F1 Grand prix rather than suspended x thousand feet over some part of the globe en route to London.

Thus have taken opportunity to put chatlogs online and doing most of updating to Second Life part to LTEA2008 conference wiki. This is at

Whilst in location-before-last where had fleeting access to SL attempted to attend a presentation by Art to RL UCISA conf (see where are links to slides etc.). However due to mistranslation of times arrived as he was speaking to final slide (see pic.) Oh well.

** Obviously mean that was bad I missed the presentation, not that presentation was bad.

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