Friday, 25 July 2008

CNN iReports uses my photos

Photos used on CNN ireports site: 4 (good); Obviousness that they are by me: moderate (bad)

Was searching for other Blogher08 in SL reports via Google when came across
"BlogHers go Racing in Second Life!" by Hondgrrl

Looked at first photo at top and thought - hmmm - that looks familar. Saw 2nd one and that was undoubtedly mine (on Flickr). Looked at post and saw that I WAS credited at the bottom, but because of banner across them a casual reader (i.e. most people) would think they were CNN pictures. On one hand it's nice they are used, on other they actually should have asked me since I have kept the "rights" reserved option on Flickr and they have copied the pics rather than embedding the Flickr links. Hmmm. Not sure have energy to pursue this, however probably means should put name on pics in future (bore, also looks a bit pretentious, but...)

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