Friday, 18 July 2008


Blogher 2008 sessions attended: 2 (good-ish); Computers playing media in SL: 1 (good); Computers not playing media in SL: 1 (bad)

Am at the SL track of the Blogher 2008 conference. Arrived v. early, but at first using work laptop, which being older and cranky tends to crash and also spends longer in the "everything is grey fudge" stage. Therefore switched over to shiny new laptop. However whilst this produced prettier graphics, totally failed to get video and audio from RL conference, who knows why. Have just downloaded newest version of Quicktime, but anyway was too late for opening keynote "live from the ballroom". So whilst (most) others were hearing something-or-other inspirational, I was able fiddling fruitlessly with various apps on my computer and take pics of the SL audience. In fact most of chat during this session consisted off "No audio" "Are we seeing anything" etc. so evidently not only person technically-challenged.
Following session was "speed dating" which involved having IM conversation with someone new to you, in my case Abundita Jewell who has 2 blogs, and
Latter has pictures of lovely scarves in just those colours I tend to take endless RL pics of when I am in Australia (that is where she lives). Also delegates threw out their blog addresses in chat so checked through interesting range of blogs.
Am wondering if too ambitious to photoshop pics as well as blogging and being in SL - could be sure way to first crash with new laptop - esp considering how hot it seems to be getting....
(Later) Yay, I photo shopped and my laptop hasn't blown up!

Pics show: Audience; Woman with really cute rabbits; Abundita; Gidge Uriza looking really cool. And she has the latest Shiny Things shoes on too, I think

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