Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dialup, LTEA2008

Yoshikawa-type blog entries made by others: 1 (good); Hours spent preparing, running and post-processing SL conference track: lots (good? bad? not sure); Hours spent trying to create blog entries: 1 (bad)

Am still in land of kangaroos and eucalypts, with access to internet but not SL. This is Good Thing in that catching up on writing, but Bad Thing in that currently reliant on Dial Up access which means that could plan and run complete SL discussion session in time now takes to uploads pics of same to blog. Initially felt vague nostalgia when heard kerpling kerpling sound of dial-up connecting but am now wishing for patience of zen buddhist as wait 10 mins for each graphic to load.

Anyway was v. excited and flattered to see blog entry in style of me from SL LTEA2008 delegate Graham at
, also blog entry from North who facilitated a session despite fact that was 2am in his time and he had to catch a flight at 6. This is True Friendship. Goldfinch also put pics on Flickr and I am adding to photos in this set.
Wiki pages for SL track of Learning Through Enquiry Alliance conference is here: Am still putting up chatlogs etc (i.e. when have access to line that moves at least at turtle speed) so will grow a bit more. Am also mulling over points that emerged from chat and Lessons Learned from organising conference.
Must say that is only when away from office (especially when am paying per hour connected online) that realise fully how much time this all takes up. Still, could not resist buying new outfit and fashion blogging it here (NB this was when was still carefree spirit with access to broadband at last hotel).

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