Thursday, 17 June 2010

No pollen in SL

Hay fever suffering in RL: great (v. bad); Hay fever suffering in SL: zero (good)
In RL am v. miserable with streaming eyes, sneezing etc etc since hay fever season is in full swing. Over many years have tried various pills, sprays drops etc. but these have zero effect (apart from adverse effect on purse) so main therapy is staying indoors with doors and windows closed, a rather stuffy remedy which is not favourite with nearest and dearest. Am allergic to common grass pollen, therefore, since said grass is, understandably, common, am international hay fever sufferer, and if were very rich masochist would be possible to be suffering from hay fever all year round by following the pollen season around the globe e.g. was unpleasantly surprised when visited Melbourne in November (their early summer) a few years ago to find that Australian pollen was as irritating as British pollen.
Anyway, here I am in SL, enjoying the virtual grass with no side effects whatsoever, hah, take that, hay fever.

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