Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Teachable Moments

Wheels turned: several (good); Towels worn: 2 (good, but not sufficient)
Had mentioned in yesterdy's post that had bought a Tibetan prayer wheel (from Belle Belle) and a towel rack (from A Man's Treasures). Well, here they are on Infolit iSchool.
The prayer wheel (shown in the first picture) appears to turn in the breeze and you can contemplate it whilst meditating on the meditation pad and going Om. You can also click on the individual wheels to get them to turn. I was going to say "cute!" but I suppose that is an inappropriate word to use for a prayer wheel. As you see, you get a rather good view of Sakura House and the beach area (with its rippling waves) from the mountain top and it is but a pace to the hot tub.
Unless you feel that SL prayer wheels are intrinsically ethically dubious (on grounds of trivialisation or because you object to prayer wheels), this could be counted a successful installation.

Towels are mixed blessing. What happens is that you click the rail and then get asked whether are male or female and if female get top and bottom towel (shirt and skirt layer) and if male just bottom towel. Then wear them, take off other clothes and jump into pool. Here is Zoe floating - she kept on her wings.
Main problem is that esp. when floating like this skirt reveals ... whatever is underneath, which could be embarrassing if wearing anatomically correct skin. Did not humiliate Zoe by moving camera round and illustrating this point. Think will need to make some underpants and have them available on click as well. Or perhaps could do a poster "Worried you'll show your naughty bits? Learn How To Make Your Own Underpants!" instead. I think this is called a Teachable Moment.

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